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Discover exceptional chateaux and abodes to organise the event of your dreams.

JL events propose you the renting of these historical decors in order to valorise your event (seminar, party, cocktail, product presentation, shooting, traineeship...) or your private event (wedding, birthday celebration, going to retire, celebration...).

Chateau de la Douve

at 40' from Angers and 1 hour from Rennes and Nantes

This magnificent castle built in 1871 in the neo Louis XIII style or "bricks and stones", is perfect to host your company receptions, family events or weddings.

Rented in full for a minimum of 3 days, it includes living rooms, monumental vestibule, dining room, terraces, kitchens. 

You can also add the rental of 18 bedrooms with all the modern comfort. Finally, a vast park with its animals in freedom, its cinema room and its swimming pool are at your disposal.

from 1 200€ per day

Chateau de la Roche

at 40' from Angers and 1 hour from Rennes and Nantes

This magnificent jewel built during Louis XVI period, offers you with elegance and refinement its architecture, its scenery and its prestigious park. The castle of La Roche will be perfect for your receptions, dinners and photo shooting.

It has a large living room, a dining room and a rotunda constituting a grand enfilade of rooms with historical decorations. The park and the terraces will also offer you a magnificent view of the building and the surrounding countryside.

from 2 000€ for a week-end

Chateau de Challain

at 40' from Angers and 1 hour from Rennes and Nantes

This grandiose neogothic castle nicknamed "Chambord Angevin" is ideal for your corporate events: cocktails, parties, dinners, parades, product presentations or seminars.

You have a large meeting room, large historic rooms of the house, prestigious rooms and suites and a large landscaped park with bridge and lake.

from 3 500€ per day

Chateau de la Brossinière

at 10' from Château-Gontier and 40' from Laval

This elegant residence built under Louis XIV in the middle of a picturesque setting, is ideal for your events and business receptions or weddings.

The chateau has reception rooms on the ground floor (lounges, dining-room and vestibule) and several suites upstairs.

Its other asset is the vast grassed lawn overlooking the house and the surrounding countryside.

from 1 500€ for a week-end

Chateau de la Galoisière

at 20' from Angers and 1:15 from Nantes

This vast neoclassical castle, very close to Angers is ideal for your events and receptions of companies as well as for your weddings.

It has several reception rooms with gorgeous decors on the ground floor, a large landscaped park and an old greenhouse.

Chateau de Danne outbuildings

at 30' from Angers and 1:15 from Rennes and Nantes

This beautiful set of 17th and 19th century outbuildings located in the middle of an English park, and a stone's throw from a magnificent neoclassical castle, is ideal for hosting your corporate events. You have a modern and fully equipped meeting room, dining-rooms, lounges and sanitary facilities.

Finally, the eco center of Danne proposes you various and uniques well being courses and workshops !

from 500€ per day